News from the Foundation

  1. Prisoners of war in World War II

    According to the organization Kontakty which is concerned with the victims of National Socialism, only 15 prisoners of war of World War II are still alive in Ukraine. On behalf of the EVZ Foundation, the journalist Lesya Kharchenko met with Oleksandr Pavlovych Khomenko, a former prisoner of war.

  2. Congratulations to the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize

    We congratulate the Center for Civil Liberties, MEMORIAL and human rights lawyer Ales Bialiatski on the Nobel Peace Prize! The commitment to human rights, to dialogue and to a peaceful and values-based Europe unites us - in the past, present and future.

Our events

  1. International Conference in Berlin

    How can NS-history be conveyed using digital tools? The conference is dedicated to the topic of digitality and the culture of remembrance. It offers the opportunity to exchange ideas based on the content and topics of the YOUTH Remembers International funding program and the digital projects of the Education Agenda NS-Injustice. Over the two days, workshops, discussion rounds and testing of digital tools as well as networking opportunities are on the agenda. The conference will be held in English.

  2. Symposium

    How can we work with young people in France, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina to remember the terrible events of wars and contribute to a peaceful future together? Register until 31 May for the symposium in Oradour-sur-Glane and Limoges from 2 to 6 July.