Our funding programs


  • Self-empowerment
  • agency and equal participation of Sinti and Roma and LGBTIQ persons


  • transfer of knowledge, experience and expertise
  • capacity and structure building
  • community building
  • coalition building
  • advocacy


  • strengthening of Roma self-organizations as bearers of Roma history and as active, recognized voices in remembrance cultures
  • enable Roma self-organizations to form alliances in Central and Eastern Europe and to strengthen their communities on site
  • address antigypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination and improve equal participation
  • improve equal participation of Roma and Sinti in Germany
  • support the building of alliances of LGBTIQ self-organizations in Eastern Europe with the majority society aiming to protect them from violence and repression and to strengthen their rights


  • Central and Eastern Europe

  • Germany

Our partners

  • self-organizations of Sinti and Roma and LGBTIQ, their national and European networks as well as third-party funders that are committed to this approach