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  1. No Place for Hate: Jens-Christian Wagner

    For the section "No place for hate", Prof. Dr. Jens-Christian Wagner, the Director of the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation, talked about the increasing attacks on places of commemoration, civil courage and a "climate change in the politics of remembrance".

  2. No Place for Hate: Hanna Esther Veiler

    For the section "No Place for Hate", the president of the Jewish Students Union Germany, Hanna Esther Veiler, reports on the difficult situation of Jewish students. Since the terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israel, their situation has massively worsened. In the interview, the author and political speaker talks about the challenges of her work…

  3. Support for Israel

    We are deeply shocked and horrified by the terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israel. Our thoughts are with all Israelis, our Israeli project partners and our friends. We mourn the people who lost their lives. Here you can find an overview of help and ways to support.

  4. No Place for Hate

    In the new section "No place for hate", we do not want to give a forum to the perpetrators, but to the people or places that were attacked. We start with the memorial, book and audio box not far from the Berlin memorial Gleis 17, which was completely destroyed in an antisemitic arson attack.

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