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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

What do we fund?

We provide support for projects in our two areas of funding: education and action. Areas of funding broadly group the range of issues that we address. We set specific priorities and emphases within funding programs.

We fund projects

  • that have not started yet,
  • that have a limited time frame, and
  • for which overall funding is assured.

Projects funded to date may be viewed in our Project Finder database. 

We fund most projects as part of funding programs.

What do we not fund?

We do not fund

  • projects that have no overlap in terms of content with our three areas of funding,
  • commercial projects,
  • projects geared exclusively towards a publication (funding for printing costs), or
  • building/construction activities (such as the installation of plaques or commemorative “stumbling blocks” known as Stolpersteine) or renovations.

How do we provide funding?

We provide funding through grants. Other types of funding (such as donations) are not possible.

Are there regional emphases?

Yes. Our funding is generally focused on Central and Eastern Europe, Israel, and the United States. More specific information is provided in the respective open call.

Are applicants required to contribute their own funds to a project?

No. We also fund projects that do not come with their own funds. However, individual funding programs sometimes do require projects to come with their own funding as well. Details are provided in the respective open call.

Who may submit an application? And how?

Only legal entities, such as registered associations, may submit an application. Private individuals are prohibited from doing so.

An application may be sent by mail or email. It must be signed by an authorized representative. The exact procedure is outlined in the respective open call.

What currency do applicants need to use for preparing the budget?

Please prepare the budget in euros. Even if you will use other currencies to carry out the project, we need the budget in euros.

Do we fund administrative costs?

Yes, but this may vary from one open call to another. Whether and to what extent administrative costs are funded depends on the respective project and funding program. As a general rule, administrative costs should not amount to more than 5% to 10% of the total cost of the project. Costs must be broken down and itemized in the application.

Who should I contact with additional questions?

If you have additional questions of a general nature, you can write to us at . For questions regarding specific open calls, please get in touch with the contact person named in the open call.

How do I prepare a financial report?

You received funding from the EVZ Foundation and now have to prepare a financial report, which was emailed to you, as proof of the funds’ use. 

Instructions on how to prepare the financial report are available here.