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  • Newsletter 2/2024

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    In the February issue of the EVZ Newsletter, we remember Nadija Slesarewa and introduce our #WeRememberEveryday campaign. In addition, Dr Charlotte Knobloch, President of the Jewish Community of Munich and Bavaria, talks about security and empathy on the anniversary of the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in Germany since 1945.

  • No Place for Hate

    Display case in Berlin-Moabit

    A display case on Jewish life in Berlin-Moabit was destroyed in an arson attack in November. The exhibition on display there focused in particular on the "Moabit Hospital" and its Jewish employees. Thomas Schöndorfer from the association "Sie waren Nachbarn" talks about the association's work and its fight against anti-Semitism.

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  • There are countless antigypsy contents on the internet. They are a precursor to hostility and violence in analog life. The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) together with Romea and Forum for Human Rights has campaigned for the prosecution of online hate speech against the Roma in the Czech Republic. Read more!

  • How can Europeans support Ukrainian children affected by Russian deportations? How can perpetrators be held to account? With the support of the EVZ Foundation, a social media campaign has now been launched against the abduction of Ukrainian children by Russia: #StopptDieVerschleppung - #BringKidsBackUA!

  • How can the German genocide of the Roma be addressed? What crimes were committed by German authorities during the Porajmos in western Ukraine? Visit the online museum now and discover the new module on Roma musicians and their experiences of persecution!

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