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  1. Three Questions for Johanna Sokoließ

    In this interview, specialist advisor and project leader Johanna Sokoließ talks about „Informed, Courageous, Committed!“ – and how the resulting educational program counteracts antisemitism in the workplace.

  2. Euroclio: A New Toolkit for Teaching History

    The project "Who were the victims of the National Socialists?" aims to give young people across Europe a deeper understanding of the roots of contemporary discrimination. With a recently published toolkit, school students and their teachers learn step-by-step how to develop a history project.

  3. Report: YOUNG PEOPLE remember

    Transnational learning at historical sites of National Socialist persecution and extermination and also matters of European culture(s) of remembrance are at the center of the program. We followed up on projects that have already been completed: We delved into the biographies of heroes, visited the Naliboki Forest in Belarus, and learned astonishing…

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