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Video: Education in Digital Learning Spaces

Topic video

Education in cultural spaces

The 'Education in cultural spaces' cluster funds projects that activate young people to act democratically in the present in a way that is historically aware and sensitive to continuities. The video provides an insight into selected projects.


  • NS injustice and its consequences
  • a culture of remembrance in the digital sphere
  • skillful ways of countering hate speech, antisemitism, antigypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination and disinformation


  • developing and implementing of model digital lighthouse projects in historical-political education for increasingly tech-savvy target groups
  • preserving the memory of National Socialist crimes under the premises of the “digital turn” and consolidating a Culture of Remembrance 4.0
  • ensuring the professional, pedagogical and didactic quality of digital and hybrid applications in the field

Target groups

  • young people
  • adults with an interest in history


  • Germany (focus)
  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • Israel

Our partners

  • Federal Ministry of Finance as grantor for the project “Educational Agenda on NS Injustice”
  • the civic tech scene & digital “think-and-do-tanks” players
  • non-formal education players
  • culture and media professionals (or institutions)
  • memorial sites
  • places of remembrance
  • universities