Our funding programs


  • structural approaches against antisemitism, antigypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination and racism


  • knowledge transfer and experts on intervention for multipliers in the world of work, key players in society and institutions
  • model projects for structural approaches to support those affected, to render them visible, to argue and to enforce the law
  • networking and network building


  • transmitting of knowledge and intervention skills on antisemitism, antigypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination and racism to key players in the world of work, society and institutions in Germany
  • establish a climate that is critical of antisemitism and antigypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination
  • develop, implement and evaluate transnationally transferable examples of structural approaches to the defense of those affected, to rendering them visible and to enforcing their rights


  • Germany
  • Central and Eastern Europe

Our partners

  • Federal Ministry of Finance as grantor for the project “Educational Agenda on NS Injustice”
  • experienced non-formal education providers
  • state stakeholders
  • committed companies
  • organized civil society
  • international networks
  • organizations
  • experts