Our funding programs


  • dignified aging of survivors
  • social participation
  • voluntary commitment
  • consequences of extreme traumatization
  • descendants and intra-family memory
  • coming to terms with and recognition of National Socialist persecution
  • continuities of experiences of discrimination and racism


  • home visiting services
  • voluntary services
  • meeting points
  • legal and social counselling
  • case management
  • individual assistanc
  • digital tools
  • therapeutic biography work
  • enhancing structures of supporting organizations


  • ensure that the survivors of National Socialist persecution age in a psychologically, physically and socially stable manner and with dignity
  • shape their participation in social life and protect them from loneliness,
  • raise awareness of and appreciate survivors, their biographies, life achievements, and their present-day contributions to their societies
  • drive structural and capacity-building of civil society organizations and meet the changing needs of very elderly survivors
  • strengthen the descendants of the survivors in their social commitment


  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • Israel
  • Germany

Our partners

  • civil society organizations, including many Jewish and Roma self-organizations
  • associations of victims of National Socialist persecution
  • state institutions
  • non-governmental and governmental funding partners
  • donors