Hostility towards Jews has existed in Europe since ancient times - and today, more than 76 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, it is far from over: antisemitically motivated crimes are on the rise, Jews are insulted, and new conspiracy narratives are circulating. The EVZ Foundation is resolute in its opposition to this.


Sinti and Roma have been living in Germany and Europe for more than 500 years - and they are persecuted and treated with hostility. About half a million Sinti and Roma were systematically murdered by the National Socialists. Today, structural and institutional racism determines the everyday lives of this minority.

Culture(s) of remembranceCulture(s) of remembrance

The culture of remembrance in Germany has been changing and developing all the time. Even though the time of National Socialism and crimes were pushed out of awareness and hidden for a long time, recognition of them and the responsibility that arises from them are now part of Germany's reason of state.

EVZ AcademyEVZ Academy

The EVZ Academy is a driving force and disseminator of the EVZ Foundation's strategic, programmatic and communicative approaches. In this capacity, it opens up spaces for networking, exchange and learning, both offline and online. It brings together stakeholders from politics, science and civil society to discuss the Foundation's subjects, further develop them and introduce them into social debates.