The program enables young people to enter into a critical examination of history. Transnational learning at historical sites of National Socialist persecution and extermination and also matters of European culture(s) of remembrance are at the center of the program. Funding is provided for memorial sites, educational institutions and NGOs in Germany, Europe and Israel.

The YOUNG PEOPLE remember funding program is to be financed with resources from the German Foreign Office from 2023 to 2025.

Virtual tour: Opening up the Maly Trostenets Memorial Site in Multiple Perspectives

What does the EVZ Foundation intend to achieve with the project?

Students from Minsk, Osnabrück and Vienna developed virtual tours, 3D models and 360-degree photographs of the Maly Trostenets Memorial in Belarus. As a result, they critically examine the site from multiple perspectives in a transnational context. Young people create tours for young people, sharing on knowledge between peers.

Who’s involved, and who does the project reach?

Experts from numerous archives and museums advised and supported the project participants. In this way, young visitors can independently access the history of the memorial and the extermination site – on site or online from anywhere in the world.

Why is the Foundation supporting this project in particular?

Maly Trostenets is the largest extermination site for Jews on the territory of the occupied Soviet Union, and therefore an important memorial site for the Eastern European public. To date, it is virtually unknown to the German public. The project shows the pan-European framework of National Socialist terror and the ramifications of the Holocaust – and thus the need for transnational remembrance. It complements the previous funding for the erection of the memorial site by the Federal Foreign Office.

Project sponsors: Johannes Rau International Center for Education and Exchange, Minsk. Cooperation partners: Osnabrück University, University of Vienna.
Duration of the project: 2021–2022
Funding amount: 84.076 EUR
Funding countries: Germany, Austria, Belarus

Cultures of Remembrance

Exchange of expertise on divergent historical narratives in the post-Soviet space

What is the EVZ Foundation aiming to achieve with this project?

The Foundation endeavors to bring about cross-border civil society dialog, especially in times of political tension.

Who is involved in the project, and who is it reaching?

Young educators as well as activists from Germany, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine are jointly developing approaches and methods for educational and commemorative work. The focus is on how the different historical narratives in the participating countries are handled.

Why is the EVZ supporting this particular project?

With innovative hybrid formats and new approaches to commemoration, the project supports the development of a transnational European culture of remembrance.

Project sponsor: Educat e.V. Berlin
Duration of the project: 2021–2022
Funding amount: 75,248 Euro
Funding countries: Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia
Project website:

Train to Sachsenhausen

The serious game relating to the student protests

What is the EVZ Foundation aiming to achieve with this project?

The game draws attention to a little-noticed chapter in National Socialist history in Central Europe and focuses especially on the issue of "resistance against National Socialism".

Who is involved in the project, and who is it reaching?

The game works with historical-archival materials and with a biographical-family-historical approach. It promotes a clear positioning against the mechanisms of exclusion and marginalization of minorities among the players.

Why is the EVZ supporting this particular project?

Contemporary historical-political education requires international and interdisciplinary cooperation. The cooperation of educational institutions and NGOs with civic tech players is a prerequisite for shaping a digital culture of remembrance.

Project sponsor: Živá Pamĕť o.p.s., Prag
Duration of the project: 2021–2022
Funding amount: 58,708 Euro
Funding countries: Germany, Czech Republic
Project website:

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