Agenda for the Future: Strategic departure

Targeted historical and political disinformation, the increase in xenophobic attacks online and offline, and the decline
in historical factual knowledge about the history of National Socialism. The challenges are great - we are tackling them with the Agenda for the Future.

The mission of the EVZ Foundation is to keep the memory of National Socialist persecution alive, to accept responsibility in the here and now, and to actively shape it for the future and for subsequent generations.

The EVZ Foundation

  • supports survivors of National Socialist persecution and strengthens the commitment of their descendants,
  • acts together with young people for living remembrance of the fates of the persecuted,
  • initiates contemporary education for a critical examination of National Socialism as well as its aftermath,
  • campaigns for equal dignity and equal rights for all people and against antisemitism, anti-gypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination, racism and all forms of discrimination,
  • enables effective action by self-organizations and is a strategic partner and supporter of civil society.

Against the background of its founding history, the EVZ Foundation is particularly active in Central and Eastern Europe, Israel and Germany.

The decisive factors for the Foundation's work are the Foundation Act and the Statutes.

The impact we want to accomplish

Our overarching goal is to strengthen the impact of the Foundation’s work and anchor its messages more firmly in society. With this objective in mind, we are continuing to develop our funding activities and flanking them with targeted activities as well as topic-centered communication.

In addition to the Foundation’s substantive impact goals, there are also goals in terms of organization: The Foundation is positioning itself to be sensitive to diversity and discrimination, viable for the future, digitalized, able to raise third-party funds, efficient, and partnershipbased and participatory.

IHRA working definitions of antisemitism and antigypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination

The EVZ Foundation is oriented to the working definition of antisemitism and the working definition of antigypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

Fields of activity and cluster

The fields of activity EDUCATION and ACTION and their clusters bundle the previous work of the Foundation and translate it into a forward-looking, activating funding program. A virtual EVZ Academy expanded completes the strategic reconfiguration of the Foundation: learning, meeting and networking in virtual space.

Learn more about the individual fields of activity and clusters

EVZ Academy expanded

The EVZ Academy is a platform and forum for exchange, acquisition of knowledge, interaction and commitment to the Foundation's themes.

To the EVZ Academy expanded