Our funding program


  • creative and emotional educational approaches to the history of National Socialism and perspectives of the persecuted and their descendants
  • strengthening empathetic, pro-social attitudes and promoting commitment against antisemitism, antigypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination, racism and hostility towards LGBTIQ and disabled people


  • didactically supported, immersive art and culture-related educational activities in the network
  • (digital) art projects
  • exhibitions


  • opening up creative, emotional and empathy-enhancing educational approaches to the history of National Socialism
  • anchoring various groups of victims and persecuted persons in the public consciousness
  • raising awareness of continuities of National Socialism in the form of today’s prejudices, discrimination and hatred

Target groups

  • Young people and adults without family biographical references to National Socialist history and with little access to political-historical and cultural education


  • Germany

Our partners

  • Federal Ministry of Finance as grantor for the project “Educational Agenda on NS Injustice”
  • theaters, museums and other visual and performing arts institutions
  • memorial sites and other players in (non-) formal education and organized urban and civil society
  • media partners