Initiatives and networks

The EVZ Foundation is a strategic partner and supporter of civil society. As such, it is involved in various platforms & networks as well as promoting and strengthening the development of networking formats through its own work.

The EVZ Foundation is a member of the Association of German Foundations and is committed to the principles of good foundation practice in its funding activities. The principles provide a reference framework for effective and altruistic foundation activity.

Transparent Civil Society Initiative

The EVZ Foundation is a signatory to the Transparent Civil Society Initiative. At the suggestion of Transparency International Deutschland e.V., players from civil society and academia have defined ten basic items which every civil society organization should make accessible to the public. They include, among other things, the articles of association, the names of key decision-makers as well as information about the source of funds, the use of funds and the HR structure.

Round tables

Five round tables with 72 participants from 14 countries: The exchange of expertise on the empowerment of self-organizations or action to counter antisemitism and antigypsyism was an essential part of the Foundation's strategic reconfiguration. After a year of intensive exchange with the international Board of Trustees, experts from the Foundation's fields of activity and target regions as well as an external analysis of the perspectives and expectations of various stakeholders, the Agenda for the Future was adopted by the Board of Trustees in June 2021.

Aid network for survivors of Nazi persecution in Ukraine

In March 2022, about 50 memorials, museums and various initiatives and associations from all over Germany have established an aid network for survivors of Nazi persecution in Ukraine in order to help the elderly victims of Nazi exploitation and extermination policies and their families quickly and unbureaucratically. The institutions represented in the network have been in contact with many of them for several years and decades. The long-standing partner organizations are also supported, not only in Ukraine but also in Russia and Belarus: for personnel, but also in securing their work results, archives and data. For these purposes, a donation account has been set up, which is held in trust by the Berlin-based association KONTAKTE-KOHTAKTbI, which has many years of experience in disbursing donations in this region. The coordination of the network is supported by the EVZ Foundation. More information:

Communicators' meeting

Learning from each other, meeting colleagues and forging effective alliances. These are the concerns of the networking format, which is aimed at communicators from memorial places, foundations and organizations. Practitioners give insights into their communication workshop from relaunch to campaigns, as well as sharing dos and don'ts. Are you interested in participating? Please sign in here (Form in german).

East-West European Memorial Meeting Kreisau

The East-West European Memorial Meeting in Krzyżowa/ Kreisau is organised for people who work at places of remembrance, museums, memorial sites, educational centres, human rights organisations or projects including contemporary witnesses. The aim of the memorial meeting is to get to know one another and to share knowledge and experience. The memorial meeting has become a long-standing tradition. We are very pleased that we are able to continue to invite discourse on perception and memory as well as on the representation of history and the past in the countries of Eastern and Western Europe. Our memorial meetings in Kreisau are characterised by open discussions, practical relevance and reflection. The meeting is held in Krzyżowa/ Kreisau every year at the end of March and is interpreted simultaneously into German, English, Polish and Russian.

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Berlin Foundation Week and Berlin Foundation Roundtable

The Berlin Foundation Week aims to highlight the commitment of Berlin's foundations. To this end, the Berlin Foundation Week prepares a stage for foundations to present their projects; it offers a platform for joint dialogue; it shows how vibrant a pluralistic society can be and facilitates cooperation among foundations. Since 2022, the Foundation EVZ has been a member of the Berliner Stiftungsrunde, which supports the Berlin Foundation Week with its resources, ideas and experience as well as its financial contribution. More information:

Cooperation with the Franco-German Youth Office

In cooperation with the Deutsch-Französischen Jugendwerk (DFJW), German-French youth encounters are promoted specifically that deal with joint remembrance work.

Cooperation with the German-Israeli Future Forum

At the "Change Makers" policy lab, young people from Israel and Germany are working on issues such as climate change and security in both countries. This is a result of the cooperation with the Deutsch-Israelisches Zukunftsforum (DIZF), which aims to promote joint youth exchange between the two countries.

Other initiatives

The Foundation also cooperates with numerous organizations and partners. A list of all project sponsors and projects can be found in the Project finder. The Foundation also works with external experts such as Juries to advise on projects.

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