Dialog Forum – Funding program for the social recognition of victims of National Socialism in Eastern Europe

The Dialog Forum program is oriented to organizations from Belarus and Russia that are committed to improving the living conditions of survivors of National Socialist persecution in their countries. The EVZ Foundation does not wish to relate to the survivors just as people in need of assistance. Instead, the orientation of funding is to support the appreciation of the life achievements and social recognition of victims of National Socialism.

The target group of the funding program are people who suffered under National Socialism, for example former concentration camp prisoners and ghetto inmates, former NS forced laborers, Soviet prisoners of war and others. The participation of other elderly and younger people who are invited to take part in joint activities or are involved as volunteers in the projects is also welcomed.

Program sponsors in Belarus and Russia

The EVZ Foundation has delegated the management of funding programs to two organizations in Belarus and the Russian Federation. These program sponsors are responsible for publicity and administration of the program and also for monitoring and networking the funded projects. Applicants wishing to apply for funding should contact the program executing agencies in the respective countries: MOOV in Belarus and  Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) in the Russian Federation.

Programmträger vor Ort

Previous funding

  • 576 projects

    with over 14.6 million euros have been supported in the program so far (since 2009)

Neben der Förderung modellhafter Einzelprojekte investiert die Stiftung EVZ auch in begleitende Aktivitäten, um das Programm in den Ländern zu verankern und die NS-Opfer nachhaltiger zu unterstützen. Die Programmträger organisieren Fortbildungen und Vernetzungstreffen für die geförderten Organisationen und begleiten die Projekte durch Beratung und Monitoringbesuche. Sie vertreten auch in Gremien zur Alten- und Sozialpolitik die Interessen der Überlebenden der NS-Verfolgung. Unabhängige Expert:innen aus den jeweiligen Ländern beraten die Stiftung und die Programmträger bei der Auswahl der Projekte.

Supportive Dialog

Supporting the families of survivors of National Socialism throughout Russia

What does the EVZ Foundation intend to achieve with the project?

Work with relatives of survivors of National Socialism who have hitherto been largely ignored, online advice for project participants of other Dialog Forum projects throughout Russia → Multiplication

Who’s involved, and who does the project reach?

Participants include not only Nazi survivors, but also their relatives, who have hardly been involved in the projects to date. An online counseling service reaches participants of other projects from the funding program throughout Russia.

Why is the EVZ Foundation supporting this project in particular?

Relatives of Nazi survivors are tapped as a new target group. By opening its services to other project sponsors, the project also has a multiplier effect.

Project sponsor: Foundation for the Promotion and Development of German-Russian Relations "German-Russian Meeting Center" in cooperation with the Harmony Institute for Psychotherapy and Counseling, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Duration of the project: 2021-2023
Funding amount: EUR 37,000
Funding country: Russia
Website: www.inharmony.ru


Generational Dialogue in Belarus

Mutual support of Nazi survivors and difficult-to-educate children and adolescents

What does the EVZ Foundation intend to achieve with the project?

Children and young people who are difficult to educate form a special group that is not otherwise involved in projects with Nazi survivors. Both target groups experience appreciation from people they do not usually meet.

Who’s involved, and who does the project reach?

Nazi survivors and children and young people who are difficult to raise meet each other. They help and support each other: in hobby groups and in conversation they meet with empathy and respect and develop understanding for each other. Little and non-mobile Nazi survivors are visited at home. Volunteers accompany the process.

Why is the EVZ Foundation supporting this project in particular?

The project shows in a special way how very different target groups with very different life realities can enrich each other.

Project sponsor: Municipal NGO "Children of War", Gomel, Belarus
Duration of the project: 2020-2022
Funding amount: EUR 24,000
Funding country: Belarus


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