Social recognition of survivors of National Socialism in Belarus

In the Dialogue Meeting Point programme, organisations from Belarus are committed to improving the living conditions of survivors of National Socialist persecution. The aim of funding is to honour their lifetime achievements and contribute to their social recognition.

The target group of the funding program are people who suffered under the Nazi regime, for example former concentration camp prisoners and ghetto inmates, former NS forced laborers, Soviet prisoners of war and others. The participation of other elderly and younger people who are invited to take part in joint activities or are involved as volunteers in the projects is also welcomed. The formats for social participation range from dialogue programmes and home visits to practical support in everyday life.

Local program sponsors

The EVZ Foundation has delegated the management of the funding program to the organization MOOV in Belarus. This programme sponsor accompanies and networks the projects and represents the interests of survivors of National Socialism in committees for old-age and social policy. Independent experts advise the foundation and the programme sponsor on the selection of projects. 

Funding in Russia

Since its establishment, the foundation has also supported projects for survivors of National Socialist persecution in the Russian Federation. After the Duma passed a law in August 2023 that criminalises the acceptance of funds from foreign non-commercial organisations, the foundation had to end its funding in 2023 in agreement with our partners. The decisive factor for this step was the safety of the employees of our long-standing programme sponsor and its local project partners, who are our top priority.

Applicants wishing to apply for funding should contact the organisation MOOV.

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