Strengthening Sinti and Roma in Germany

The funding program strengthens self-organizations and the educational participation of Roma and Sinti in Germany.
During the National Socialist era, Roma and Sinti were persecuted, and they are marginalized and discriminated against to this day. The EVZ Foundation and the Freudenberg Foundation support projects by and for Roma and Sinti in Germany and assert their rights - for equal educational and social participation.

A joint initiative of Freudenberg Foundation and EVZ Foundation

Online Hate Speech against Roma: Strategic Litigation and Expansion of Competences in the Czech Republic and Ukraine

What do the project sponsor and the EVZ Foundation intend to achieve with the project?

The European Roma Rights Center (ERRC) brings cases of online hate speech against Roma to court. Since October 2022, criminal charges have been filed and ombudspersons involved. In addition, a network is being set up: Through monitoring, counter-speech, reporting and other measures, young activists are getting involved in the fight against hate speech. Since the start of the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine, funds earmarked for this purpose have been used in part to support refugee Roma and monitor discrimination at the borders.

Who is involved, and whom does the project reach?

A motivated group of volunteers reports and monitors discriminatory statements on the Internet, develops content, provides counterarguments and an evidence base for legal action. High-profile public relations reports and criminal charges serve to  sensitize the state and administration, owners of Internet platforms and the media to racism and hate speech in the digital  space.

Why is the Foundation funding this project in particular?

The participatory approach aligns the project with the Foundation’s goals of empowering local self-organizations and Roma  activists and changing structures: Legal practice changes sustainably and hate speech and racism are exposed.

Project sponsors: European Roma Rights Center (ERRC, Ukraine), in cooperation with Romea and Forum for Human Rights (Czech Republic)
Funding period: 2021 to 2023
Funding amount: 300,000 euros
Funding countries: Czech Republic, Ukraine

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