News from the Foundation

  1. Support for Israel

    We are deeply shocked and horrified by the terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israel. Our thoughts are with all Israelis, our Israeli project partners and our friends. We mourn the people who lost their lives. Here you can find an overview of help and ways to support.

  2. No Place for Hate

    In the new section "No place for hate", we do not want to give a forum to the perpetrators, but to the people or places that were attacked. We start with the memorial, book and audio box not far from the Berlin memorial Gleis 17, which was completely destroyed in an antisemitic arson attack.

  3. Obituary of Éva Fahidi-Pusztai

    We mourn the death of Éva Fahidi-Pusztai, who passed away on September 11 at the age of 97. The Holocaust survivor and former forced laborer was constantly engaged against the forgetting of the Holocaust and warned against right-wing populism and right-wing violence.

  4. Future Lab: The EVZ Foundation's Funding Commitment in Ukraine

    The commitment of Ukrainian civil society is enormous, both on the ground and in exile. How can the EVZ Foundation best align its support to the needs of its committed partners? These and other questions were the focus of a two-day workshop with experts in Berlin at the beginning of July.

Our events

  1. International Conference in Berlin

    How can NS-history be conveyed using digital tools? The conference is dedicated to the topic of digitality and the culture of remembrance. It offers the opportunity to exchange ideas based on the content and topics of the YOUTH Remembers International funding program and the digital projects of the Education Agenda NS-Injustice. Over the two days, workshops, discussion rounds and testing of digital tools as well as networking opportunities are on the agenda. The conference will be held in English.

  2. Symposium

    How can we work with young people in France, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina to remember the terrible events of wars and contribute to a peaceful future together? Register until 31 May for the symposium in Oradour-sur-Glane and Limoges from 2 to 6 July.