The dangers of National socialist injustice being relativized, no longer just by neo-fascists but also by conspiracy theorists and right-wing populists, are especially evident in the current crisis. Consequently, at this time when it is still crucial to take a clear stand against forgetting and relativization, Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig (TDJW) (Leipzig Young Spectator's Theater) is developing the three-part project MIRROR // MIRROR over the course of a year.

In cooperation with various cultural, political and scientific institutions as well as artists, aspects of the history of National Socialist injustice in Leipzig and references to contemporary forms of right-wing radicalization are discussed in interdisciplinary and transmedia formats.


Gabe has changed. He has become lost in forums, he follows shocking vlogs and stirs up enmity on the internet. Gabe has distanced himself from friends. Now he has new digital friends and has also adopted some pretty crass views lately.

How do algorithms and filter bubbles influence our political thinking? How do right-wing media portals work? And how far would you go to acquire followers? In an interactive format between theater and a simulation game, the collective VERAVOEGELIN immerses groups of viewers in the TDJW's Great Hall in the world of cynical memes, fake news, and political propaganda, and demonstrate how radicalization in the digital age can have very real consequences in the analog sphere.

Premiere: May 7, 2022


Forced labor permeated the entire society of the Third Reich as a complex and multilayered system of exploitation as well as extermination. From the Buchenwald Concentration Camp women's subcamp on the grounds of the HASAG armaments company in the Leipzig district to the use and housing of forced laborers of Italian, Dutch or Belgian origin in Lindenau or Leutzsch, forced labor was an everyday part of Leipzig's cityscape. In cooperation with the Leipzig Nazi Forced Labour Memorial, the game designer and curator Sebastian Quack is developing a digital game which can be played on smartphones in Leipzig's urban space and guides players to take a look at the past. As a serious game, it is intended to create a new form of access to the culture of remembrance, especially for young audiences.

Launch: September 2022


HASAG produced armaments in the eastern Leipzig district of Schönefeld for the Wehrmacht until April 1945. In 2022, TDJW and the performance artist Magda Korsinsky will launch an art space right there in the eastern part of Leipzig. An intergenerational community addresses this chapter of Leipzig's history in participatory formats based on the biographies of forced laborers and meetings with their descendants. How can we give a voice to the life stories of the people of that time? What stories can we ourselves tell? And at which points are our stories intertwined, and where do they shape our future?

Final presentation: November 9, 2022

Data Sheet

Funding country: Germany
Duration: 01.10.2021 until 31.12.2022