EVZ Academy

The digital learning world of the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ) provides interactive digital educational formats, promotes networking and encourages engagement – all on the subjects of the EVZ Foundation.

The platform is a digital offering of the EVZ Academy expanded, which develops contemporary formats for the Foundation's work. With the digital learning platform, the EVZ Foundation invites people to learn together and individually and also to network.


Dr. Andrea Despot

The EVZ Foundation provides support; it networks and acts as a leading player in its subjects, both nationally and internationally. And what we learn in the process, we pass on: Expertise, practical guidance for educational and project work, for experts and interested parties. All of this is provided by our digital platform for shared learning and networking. It is an important and timely complement to the Foundation's funding activities.
Dr. Andrea Despot
Chief Executive Officer of the EVZ Foundation

Why does the EVZ Foundation need a digital learning world?

The EVZ Foundation stands for innovative educational approaches and compelling stories, contacts with people you want to listen to and with organizations that reappraise history and sometimes write history themselves – for example, when they reach a broad public, have an impact on a professional audience or win awards. The new platform bundles all this added value. It therefore provides more than new content. It links the results from the Foundation's work and the projects it funds, as well as committed and interested people, with each other.

In this way, the EVZ Academy's digital learning world connects to the strategic goals of the EVZ Foundation’s Agenda for the Future and incorporates the findings of the MEMO Remembrance Monitor constructively into its educational approaches. Transnational and location-independent educational spaces are created which, in memory of National Socialist injustice, develop new forms for historical learning in the present and for societies that are equipped for the future.

Who is the learning platform designed for?

This learning platform is suitable for anyone working in the EVZ Foundation's subjects
The main topics of the platform are in particular:

  • Forced labor under national socialism
  • Survivors of National Socialist persecution
  • Antisemitism
  • Antigypsyism
  • Culture(s) of remembrance:

In the course of the coming years, interactive online offerings will be developed for on these topics, complementing the funding activities of the EVZ Foundation.

The online and blended learning offerings are also aimed at a diverse range of target groups: The interactive offers impart skills for action; they induce people from different contexts, including professionals, to stand up for democratic values themselves.

What will the online facility look like?

The learning platform is a separate area in the EVZ Foundation's website. Each user will find the essential learning and interaction offers there on the EVZ Foundation's main topics explained in a structured and sequential way.

The formats are just as diverse as the possibilities of a digital learning world: Simple texts help to grasp complex content very quickly. Videos and audio provide low-barrier access to the topics. Tutorials, webinars, online meet ups and forums encourage and require interaction. Blended learning formats combine the strengths of different formats. 

The digital EVZ Academy thus offers plenty of opportunities for contemporary exchange and networking on the Foundation's themes and to make the acquisition of knowledge more effective, interactive and flexible. Here are some of the opportunities that the EVZ Foundation prospectively provides:

  • Knowledge and learning resources: For users of the digital EVZ Academy, tutorials, interactive exercises, quizzes, digital info events or workshops are provided on the Foundation's main topics. The multimedia formats make learning interesting and appealing. This includes videos, images, audio recordings as well as animated graphics.
  • Flexibility: A digital academy makes it possible to learn anytime, anywhere there is internet access. This allows users to decide for themselves when and where they want to learn, research or confer with others.
  • Interactive learning: The platform enables and encourages group learning, discussion as well as other collaborative activities. Learning modules, for example, encourage participants to learn actively by answering questions or by using interactive simulations and blended learning methods.
  • Networking: The platform creates a digital space for a networked transnational community that engages in the Foundation's main topics and fields of activity. The digital platform provides new opportunities for networking, conferring and exchanging, and to create and maintain new international partnerships in line with the EVZ Foundation's main topics and fields of activity. 

This wide range of functions will be set up progressively over the next few years in order to realize the EVZ Foundation's educational mission on a sustainable basis and to strengthen spaces for networking.

When will it start?

The digital EVZ Academy was launched in May 2023. A test phase with selected pilot formats is currently underway. The service will be made available to the public from 2024.


Further Information

  • Project

    Antisemitism is a problem for society as a whole – and countering this problem requires a joint effort by all societal players. We want to start in the midst of society, where thousands of people with the most diverse backgrounds meet every day: the workplace.

  • Plattform & Forum

    The EVZ Academy is a platform and forum for exchange, acquisition of knowledge, interaction and commitment to the Foundation's themes. The virtual knowledge and information platform bundles and mediates educational offers for society. As a multiplier of the fields of activity Action and Education, she organizes meetings for networking, exchange and learning: off- and online.