Uprooted – (Hi)Stories of Stolen Children during World War II

The research and educational project Uprooted - (Hi)Stories of Stolen Children during World War II deals with children who were abducted from Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and other countries to Germany during the Second World War and forcibly “Germanized” there. The backgrounds and their fates have been almost completely unknown until now.

With the story of these children, Uprooted encourages a critical examination of the racist and inhuman National Socialist ideology and emphasizes the case for children's rights.

An educational project not only for pupils

The project will produce a publication with scientific contributions on the topic. Educational materials (exhibition, learning platform with interactive materials, workshop scenarios as well as timeline) will be developed in a second step. The topic is intended to appeal especially to pupils and students, but is also aimed at teachers and youth workers, academics, journalists and the broad interested public.

The Kreisau-Initiative

The Kreisau-Initiative creates learning and encounter spaces to allow young people in particular to shape a democratic, mutually supportive and sustainable coexistence in Europe. The association's areas of work are contemporary history and human rights, inclusion as well as socio-ecological transformation.

Data Sheet

Project partners:

Stiftung Kreisau für Europäische Verständigung, Polen
Post Bellum, Tschechien
Tolerspace Kyiv Educational Center, Ukraine

Duration: 01.11.2021 until 31.12.2022


More about the project

Education Agenda NS-Injustice

The Magazine of the Education Agenda NS-InjusticeThe Magazine of the Education Agenda NS-Injustice

The Education Agenda NS-Injustice started in autumn 2021 with two certainties: Firstly, the survivors are passing away; there are few chances today to meet eyewitnesses who can tell us first-hand about the atrocities committed by the National Socialists. Secondly, we are increasingly entering contexts in which boundaries between fiction and fact are blurred. Under these conditions, we are dependent on new ways of learning and innovative forms of conveyance in our critical examination of National Socialist injustice and in historical-political educational work. In the magazine we present the funding program, projects and current debates.


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