We stand in support of the state and civil society in the democratic state of Ukraine; we condemn all attempts to challenge the peaceful order in Europe, and we reject the instrumentalization of history to legitimize war.

All the lessons and achievements from history – a rule-based world order, universal human rights, and international humanitarian law which protects civilians from military attack – are being trampled over in Europe by Russian rulers.

Meanwhile, support for our Ukrainian partners is in full swing, especially in our support teams. Project sponsors from Ukraine are able to draw down grants more flexibly as well as accessing other funds more promptly within the framework of existing approvals, provided the banking system is operating. We maintain direct contact with our project sponsors in Ukraine and are available for inquiries and requests for support. The Board of Trustees of the EVZ Foundation has also approved a solidarity budget for the year 2023. For this purpose 800,000 euros, 10 percent of the planned funding volume of the EVZ Foundation in 2023, have been earmarked. The funds can be used to specifically support projects to strengthen the engagement of refugees, the development of exile structures and other solidarity projects of civil society in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

We are especially concerned about the plight of elderly survivors of the National Socialist policy of racism and occupation in Ukraine. They are now exposed to acute mortal danger, possible re-traumatization, and the Covid-19 pandemic which is still raging. Here, too, we are in the process of making our support more flexible in order to provide targeted assistance.

How and what we support

Against the background of its founding history, the EVZ Foundation is particularly active in Central and Eastern Europe, Israel and Germany, Ukraine is a focal point. Since 2003, the EVZ Foundation has supported about 700 projects, some of them with long-standing partners in Ukraine.

On 25.02.2022, the EVZ Foundation offered to use already approved project funds for emergency relief measures.

Emergency aid

  • 1,636,409 euros

    have already been approved as emergency aid for 42 projects in Ukraine (as of 20.10.2022)

Ongoing projects and emergency aid

Support for survivors of Nazi persecution in Ukraine

On March 9, 2022, the Aid Network for Survivors of Nazi Persecution in Ukraine was established. The Aid Network supports survivors of Nazi persecution in Ukraine, their families and colleagues from Ukraine affected by the war with the help of donations in an unbureaucratically and effective.

Aid for survivors of the Roma genocide

In order to support survivors of the genocide against the Roma, emergency aid measures have been approved for 16 projects until March 11, 2022. Approximately 500,000 euros will be used to provide on-site assistance in the form of food, medicine, hygiene items, (protective) clothing, blankets, power generators, flashlights, candles, cell phone chargers, and transportation costs for distribution and evacuation. The promoters of these projects work with survivors of the genocide against the Roma and support Roma communities. However, the emergency aid also benefits other people in need. The projects are implemented Ukraine-wide, including in occupied cities such as Kherson and Kakhovka, as well as heavily contested cities such as Kharkiv, Sumy, Zaporizhzha. In the west of Ukraine, IDPs from war zones are supported. 

Yellow Bags - emergency medical and humanitarian aid for internally displaced persons and Roma

In the project, 100 families are provided with the necessities of life. The NGO's activities are mainly focused on the Transcarpathian region in western Ukraine. Russia's war in Ukraine is also hitting Roma communities hard, and Volodya and his team travel many kilometers every day to organize and distribute food:


Today, we organised the purchase of food for 17 Refugees and 23 local Roma in the city Uzhgorod. Yellow bags included basic products such as sugar, flour, makaroni, oil, porridges, salt, rice etc. It is getting more and more difficult to purchase products in bulk in wholesale stores due to the shortage caused by war. Next week we shall travel to rural areas (+/- 60 km) to deliver food bags to Roma living there.
Project worker on site (16.3.2022)

Video message of Ukrainian survivors of Nazi persecution


Video message of Ukrainian survivors of Nazi persecution

Former prisoners and victims of Nazi persecution of the Dnepropetrovsk regional group of the Ukrainian Association of Prisoners appeal to the mothers of soldiers from Russia and Belarus to stop the war.

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