The impact of reparations - a European history of experience

The transnational oral history project is the first to generate academically sound knowledge about the effects of German "reparations" on survivors and their relatives. The basis for this are video interviews with statements from survivors and/or their descendants coming from five countries: Germany, Poland, Israel, Belgium and the area of the former Soviet Union focusing, specifically on Ukraine. Partner organizations will conduct the interviews on site and then analyze them scientifically.


At a summer school, students from Berlin and Kiryat Shmona will discuss the findings, talk to survivors and exchange ideas about "reparations", whereby several final theses will be produced. The findings will be presented to a specialist audience at two international conferences and, in separate formats, to the general public, who will be invited to discuss the impact of restitution.

The project sponsor is Touro University Berlin, an American-Jewish university in Berlin with the only Master's degree program on the Holocaust in Germany. The project director is Prof. Dr. Stephan Lehnstaedt, a longstanding researcher on restitution in the 21st century who has received several awards for his work.

Data Sheet

Cooperation partner: Fondation Auschwitz in Brussels and Ośrodek Karta in Warsaw as well as Dr. Inka Engel (University of Koblenz), Dr. Tamir Hod (Tel Hai Academic College, Kiryat Shmona, Israel) and Dr. Irina Rebrova (Center for Research on Antisemitism, TU Berlin)
Funding country: Germany
Duration: 01.04.2024 until 31.12.2025