History Unit: Reframing Queer Narratives in Media

Propaganda and violence against LGBTIQ people is on the rise, and the media play a key role in the spread of homophobic and transphobic narratives. The project addresses this responsibility in the context of the persecution of queer people under National Socialism, as well as in today’s political realities.

Historical perspectives and contemporary outlook

History Unit brings together media professionals and activists with experience in content creation for international workshops devoted to the persecution of queer people under National Socialism and in contemporary contexts. Via activities like visits to former concentration camps, discussions with historians, contemporary witnesses and grassroots activists, the participants will gain awareness and knowledge for subsequent joint journalistic projects.

Bringing together professionalism and sensitivity

Using various journalistic formats, the journalistic pieces will explore topics that find little space in the traditional media, e.g. homophobia, discrimination, and queer history. Through including both journalists and activists, History Unit strives to ensure adherence to professional standards as well as deep insight into contemporary queer perspectives. The results will be published in the media of target lands and showcased at public talks.

About n-ost

n-ost is a Berlin-based media NGO with a vision to break national media bubbles, which brings together more than 500 journalists and media from all over EU, Europe’s East and its neighbours to work together.

Data Sheet

Cooperation partner: Fundacja Autonomia (Poland), Human Constanta (Belarus, in exile)
Funding country: Belarus, Germany, Poland, Ukraine
Period: February 1, 2024, to December 31, 2025