Who is it aimed at?

Current results from research and development projects will be made available in a decentralized way for disseminators, learning and educational sites as well as the public and will be tested and discussed in an exchange. The objective is the joint development of suitable concepts of imparting knowledge and possible applications of volumetric historical eyewitness interviews.

How do we proceed?

Interview sequences will be selected from the available raw data and then developed to form one or more small, qualitatively and visually high-quality prototypical AR, VR or MR applications. These experiences will be shown at the Haus der Brandenburgisch-Preußischen Geschichte [House of Brandenburg-Prussian History] and also on tour with a mobile remembrance room at various locations in the state of Brandenburg and discussed with experts as well as a broad audience.


The Brandenburgische Gesellschaft für Kultur und Geschichte

BKG gGmbH is a cultural and educational institution of the state of Brandenburg and the state capital Potsdam. With the areas of "Haus der Brandenburgisch-Preußischen Geschichte [House of Brandenburg-Prussian History]", "Kulturland Brandenburg [Brandenburg Cultural State]" as well as "Plattform Kulturelle Bildung Brandenburg [Platform Cultural Education Brandenburg]", we present, convey and promote the Brandenburg history and the current culture of the state.

Virtual historical eyewitness on tour

How can historical eyewitnesses from the National Socialist era be encountered in the future? Possible applications, opportunities, and challenges for the future role of volumetrically recorded interviews of historical eyewitnesses from the National Socialist era will be tested and presented in the field of history education in and outside of schools.

Data Sheet

Cooperation partners: Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
Funding countries: Germany
Duration: 01.08.2022 until 31.07.2024 



More about the project

Education Agenda NS-Injustice

The Magazine of the Education Agenda NS-InjusticeThe Magazine of the Education Agenda NS-Injustice

The Education Agenda NS-Injustice started in autumn 2021 with two certainties: Firstly, the survivors are passing away; there are few chances today to meet eyewitnesses who can tell us first-hand about the atrocities committed by the National Socialists. Secondly, we are increasingly entering contexts in which boundaries between fiction and fact are blurred. Under these conditions, we are dependent on new ways of learning and innovative forms of conveyance in our critical examination of National Socialist injustice and in historical-political educational work. In the magazine we present the funding program, projects and current debates.