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  1. Theater der Jungen Welt: ON THE OTHER SIDE feiert Premiere

    The first part of the theater project "MIRROR // MIRROR" premiered in May: an interactive format between theater and a simulation game by the artist collective VERAVOEGELIN, that explores together with its audience why social networks all too often foster disinformation, conspiracy ideology and extremism.

  2. Onboarding Memories: Workshop of the European Academy Berlin

    At the workshop of the European Academy Berlin, a group of participants from Poland, France and Germany learned how to build virtual spaces with 360-degree cameras, laptops and curiosity.As part of the Onboarding Memories project, they are to be encouraged to search for historical traces on their own doorstep.

  3. „Oasis de la Impunidad“ at the FIND Festival

    The co-production with Teatro La Re-sentida from Santiago de Chile will celebrate its premiere at Schaubühne Berlin on April 1. Based on the "estallido social," the social uprising in October 2019, the director Marco Layera and the actors present a choreographic reflection on the nature of violence.

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