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  1. Digital Memory Platform: Frankfurt and the National Socialism

    Would you like to know something about National Socialism in Frankfurt am Main? The Digital Memory Platform "Frankfurt and the National Socialism" provides orientation: From November 10, the platform will provide access to many offers and events of museums, archives and initiatives.

  2. A Digital Reporting Platform Against Antisemitism

    The Czulent Jewish Association based in Kraków and the Warsaw Jewish Community have developed a comprehensive monitoring, data collection and reporting system to strengthen the Jewish community in Poland. Central element of the system is a newly created digital reporting platform for antisemitic incidents.

  3. 3 Questions for... Peter Römer

    In his interview, Peter Römer of the Villa ten Hompel talks to us about how the project "Das geht mich ja was an!" raises awareness among employees of the police and judiciary against antisemitism.

  4. On #LastSeen search for traces with MrWissen2go

    Mirko Drotschmann aka MrWissen2go is going with Henning Borggräfe, Head of Research at the Arolsen Archives, in search of clues relating to people persecuted under National Socialism. They are searching online and on site in Brandenburg an der Havel for information about people whose last sign of life was a photograph of their deportation. Who were…

  5. Education on National Socialist injustice on TikTok

    TikTok – a forward-looking channel to convey historical education to a young target group? Under @evzyoung, we bring the topic of National Socialist injustice closer to young people; we address them specifically as a target group and strengthen their democratic stances. We also present the projects in the first funding phase of the NS Injustice…

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