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  1. Two App Formats Go Online!

    The Bigidi association makes knowledge on National Socialist injustice and the culture of remembrance digitally accessible: The learning app "Disco – Learning for All" highlights forms of resistance and emancipation processes of marginalized groups. The sound app #insideHISTORY takes users on listening walks in several german cities.

  2. Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur: Let's Remember! Culture of Remembrance with Games on Site

    Do you work in an organization that wants to develop innovative formats and work with games? In dialog with memorial sites and museums, the Foundation for Digital Games Culture is testing site-specific formats for establishing a culture of remembrance of National Socialist injustice supported by games. The Foundation for Digital Games Culture is…

  3. Euroclio: A New Toolkit for Teaching History

    The project "Who were the victims of the National Socialists?" aims to give young people across Europe a deeper understanding of the roots of contemporary discrimination. With a recently published toolkit, school students and their teachers learn step-by-step how to develop a history project.

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