JUGEND erinnert vor Ort & engagiert

The program aims to involve young people in the planning and implementation of remembrance culture projects. The program focuses on a critical examination of the National Socialist era, its crimes and its before and after period. Funding is provided for self-organised youth projects and memorial sites and history initiatives in Germany.

The funding program YOUNG PEOPLE remember on site & committed is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media from 2024 to 2026.

The program focuses on young people's questions about the history of National Socialism, its crimes and its before and after history. In projects, they can engage intensively with certain aspects of Nazi history or learn through research at historical memorial sites. The various interests they have in the here and now are the starting point. They reflect our social diversity (in terms of gender, origin, religion and social background). The program aims to show young people diverse approaches to the history of National Socialism. All projects are therefore participation-orientated and initiate spaces for exchange and reflection on knowledge, values and emotions. 

The aim is to promote young people's critical and reflective historical awareness and to enable them to become bearers of a critical culture of remembrance. We want to empower them to deal with antisemitism, racism and right-wing extremism in a committed and competent manner.

The program is based on the funding principles of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media for the funding program Young People Remember

The program has two funding lines: 

  1. The funding line YOUNG PEOPLE remember on site addresses memorials and history initiatives at historical sites with a special focus on their further development and the practical application of innovative analogue, digital and audiovisual mediation formats for young people.
  2. The funding line YOUNG PEOPLE remember committed supports self-organised youth projects for historical-political education in the critical examination of Nazi history and its relevance today.