Migration and culture of remembrance

The program is aimed at community organizations in Germany with experience of antisemitism as well as racism. The focus is on the critical examination of the history of National Socialism from self-determined narrative forms of the Jewish perspectives, those of the Sinti and/or Roma and of black and migrant communities. The aim is to promote cultures of remembrance in a way that is inclusive and also practical, to relate the discourse about National Socialist remembrance to the realities of life today and to keep the memory of National Socialist injustice alive.

Perspectives on the Past and the Present – a multilingual history workshop on radio

What does the EVZ Foundation intend to achieve with the project?

In the project, gaps in narratives of dealing with the history of National Socialism from the perspective of people with a migration history and refugees are rendered more audible and visible. Making radio programs together supports the collective historical awareness. The project also includes: Visits to memorial sites, local searches for traces of National Socialist history in Halle, as well as conversations with historical eyewitnesses.

Who’s involved, and who does the project reach?

The multilingual history workshop is implemented by and with people who have experienced migration and refugees as part of the Radio Corax platform. It reaches out to history enthusiasts nationwide across communities.

Why is the Foundation supporting this project in particular?

The history workshop opens up a multi-perspective examination of National Socialist history. It sheds light on its ongoing effects and explores the question of how memory/memories can be shaped in society as a whole.

Project sponsor: Common Voices Radio des Radio Corax e. V. in Halle (Saale)
Duration of the project: 2021-2023
Funding amount: EUR 57,995
Funding country: Germany
Websites: wir-erinnern.radiocorax.de

"Exploring Memories": Jewish perspectives

What is the EVZ Foundation aiming to achieve with this project?

The focus of the project is on intra-Jewish diversity in Germany. Plural and self-determined narrative perspectives of Jews on memories of the Shoah produce an artistic-spatial (sound and image) installation.

Who is involved in the project, and who is it reaching?

The association of freelance media and performance artists in Frankfurt am Main "Andpartnersincrime" is the cooperation partner for the project. The project provides a creative and intergenerational approach to multi-perspective memories of the Shoah.

Why is the EVZ supporting this particular project?

This is because it highlights intra-Jewish perspectives and reaches a broad target group by means of artistic formats.

Project sponsor: Jüdische Gemeinde [Jewish Community] in Frankfurt am Main K.d.ö.R.
Duration of the project: 01.10.2021 - 01.07.2022
Funding amount: 30,000 Euro
Funding country: Germany
Project website: https://jg-ffm.de/ | https://andpartnersincrime.org/info

“Virtual Remembrance“: Memories of Sinti and Roma

What is the EVZ Foundation aiming to achieve with this project?

The educational content on the historical site of the culture of remembrance in memory of the Sinti and Roma in Europe murdered in the National Socialist regime will be expanded to include digital formats, thereby making it accessible to a wider section of the public.

Who is involved in the project, and who is it reaching?

In the project, Sinti and Roma are asked about cross-generational commemoration and about how their life realities are interconnected with it.

Why is the EVZ supporting this particular project?

The project strengthens the perspective of the Sinti and Roma; self-determined access to the topic can be created and the format provides the opportunity to reach different people.
The audiovisual materials will be prepared in more than one language (German and English) and for the first time in Romenes (the language of German Sinti and Roma) and made available on the website.

Project sponsor: Gedenkstätte Zwangslager Berlin-Marzahn e.V. [Berlin-Marzahn Forced Camp Memorial Site]
Duration of the project: 01.10.2021 - 01.04.2023
Funding amount: 38,500 Euro
Funding country: Germany
Project website: www.gedenkstaette-zwangslager-marzahn.de I www.sinti-roma-berlin.de

"(In)visible stories - Maghreb forced laborers in the National Socialist era"

What is the EVZ Foundation aiming to achieve with this project?

The aim of the project is to relate the little-known story of the Maghreb forced laborers under National Socialism in the communities, to disseminate it and to remember them.

Who is involved in the project, and who is it reaching?

In continuous networking meetings, people with an interest in Maghreb history address the history of National Socialism, the National Socialist involvement of Maghreb soldiers as well as colonialism. National memorial sites as well as regional places of remembrance are visited in this connection.

Why is the EVZ supporting this particular project?

This project looks at the National Socialist period from a little-known perspective and highlights new aspects. In the course of the project a website will be created in which the content and activities of the project will be published.

Project sponsor: Zukunft Plus - Verein für gesellschaftliche Partizipation e.V. Düsseldorf [Future Plus - Association for Societal Participation]
Duration of the project: 01.09.2021 - 01.01.2023
Funding amount: 58,975 Euro
Funding country: Germany
Project website: Under construction I www.denkort-bunker-valentin.de

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