Кateryna Romanenko

Kateryna had to flee her hometown Zaporizhzhya, where she was active in an organization for youth rights - the journey to Poland took five days. The Animus Foundation in Katowice supports her to continue the activities of her organization from Poland.

What is most important to you at the moment?
At the moment it is of course safety. The next important thing for me is relationships with people. Our world is made up of relationships. Relationships with loved ones, with colleagues, friends and even passers-by. Our relationships create an atmosphere in the world. And if the relationship is healthy, then the atmosphere in the world is also healthy. In my understanding, the richest person is the one who has created good relationships with people.


Now physical security is important. When physical security is fully ensured, then we can talk about activity in society. In my opinion, the next after security is the availability of information and various types of resources.
Because without the necessary information and various resources it is very difficult to help other people.

How can we best support socially and politically engaged people in your country?
Security and the ability to continue their activities.

What are your worries?
What worries me the most is the war in Ukraine.

What makes you happy?
I think that happiness is a masterpiece that a person creates for himself. Therefore, there can be many sources of happiness.

What would you do if the war ended today?
I would walk the streets of my native city at night.