Three Questions for

In our column "Three Questions for ..." project partners report what they think selected funding approaches achieve.

News from our projects

  1. 3 Questions for Angela Jannelli

    In the interview, Angela Jannelli - curator at the Frankfurt Historical Museum - talks about the memory platform that was created as part of the project " Frankfurt und der Nationalsozialismus" (Frankfurt and National Socialism) and how civil society groups can be supported in their memory work.

  2. 3 Questions for... Annegret Wulff

    In this interview, Annegret Wulff, managing director of the MitOst association, talks about the consequences of the war in Ukraine for cooperation with Central and Eastern European partners and the Vidnova Fellowship.

  3. 3 Questions for... Peter Römer

    In his interview, Peter Römer of the Villa ten Hompel talks to us about how the project "Das geht mich ja was an!" raises awareness among employees of the police and judiciary against antisemitism.