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  1. Stolen Children during World War II: Essay collection

    Seven authors from Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic as well as Ukraine present the history(s) of stolen children from Central and Eastern Europe during World War II and show how the memory of these fates was shaped differently in the respective countries.

  2. Five steps to administration with an awareness of racism

    The administration of the future recognizes social diversity, aligns itself with it and strives to reduce discrimination. The project "Stark im Amt [Strong in Office]" supports public administration employees in this process with training and advice. The five steps described in the blog provide initial pointers on how public institutions as well as…

  3. Recordings online: Education for Tomorrow – Remember, Participate, Engage

    The EVZ Foundation supports players in international educational work throughout Europe in the process of finding answers to the major challenges of the present time; it has also brought them together for this purpose in an online symposium at the end of June. Conversations with experts that took place during the digital symposium are now online.

  4. History education online: Handout for digital work at memorial sites

    History education online can be multifaceted and also sustainable – but it requires new methods, tools and adaptations. A handout developed by Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste e.V. presents various practical examples. The EVZ Foundation funds the project within the framework of the JUGEND erinnert program of the Federal Foreign Office.

  5. Vidnova: MitOst is looking for host organizations for scholarship holders

    The Vidnova scholarship, initiated by the EVZ Foundation, allows activists who fled from Ukraine to continue their work in exile for one year. The scholarship holders cooperate with self-organizations, advice centers and associations in various European countries. Commit by MitOst is now looking for more host organizations for scholarship holders.

  6. Theater der Jungen Welt: ON THE OTHER SIDE feiert Premiere

    The first part of the theater project "MIRROR // MIRROR" premiered in May: an interactive format between theater and a simulation game by the artist collective VERAVOEGELIN, that explores together with its audience why social networks all too often foster disinformation, conspiracy ideology and extremism.

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