For the Micro Project “Old Tales” a group of young people from Armenia and Georgia created a digital interactive book, based on old Armenian and Georgian fairy tales.

Murtaz and Salome went digging through the archives of the national libraries in Georgia together, searching for untold stories for children. "Some of the stories are well-known to our parents, but the Generation Z people might not yet have heard of them. My younger family members really struggled to imagine the characters of the stories I read to them", explained the 25-year-old Murtaz from Georgia. Bringing the written tales into an interactive format allows children today to interact with animated characters and move the story along. So, this is going to be more like a game.

"The most difficult part of the work is creating the visual design. This being a folk tale, it is hard to put a written story into the digital format. It is written without any graphics and making sketches and drawings is fairly difficult, but we have a talented graphic designer", says Murtaz with a smile on his face.

The "Old Tales" creators point out that digital storytelling helps teachers and parents adopt innovative and improved teaching methods and introduce children to modern technologies through educational fairy tales. Moreover, these fairy tales can help children learn more about fundamental human concepts and emotions, such as friendship and bravery.

"Our primary objective is to bridge the gap between Georgia and Armenia and promote mutual understanding and knowledge of each other's cultures. We hope to share the project results in Armenian and Georgian schools," he adds.

We don't want to spoil it for you, so check out yourself:

The Flea and the ant (Georgian Tale)

The Old Woman and the cat (Armenian Tale)

Murtaz Bolkvadze

Is the head of the learning and development team at Georgia’s largest insurance company. Apart from that, he founded the first gamification center in Georgia and is trying to use gamification techniques in various fields within the center's framework. As part of the "The Old Tales" project, his role is to create the content for the Georgian fairy tale, develop visual content, and build the digital version.

Konstantine Tokhadze

A Graphic Designer and Art Director based in Georgia. Konstantine has a huge passion that drives him to explore various fields. He enjoys drawing and sketching in his spare time, both for fun and to share with his friends. In this project, he is actively involved in the creation and development of the visual identity of digital fairy tales.

Serine Melikian

A seasoned PR specialist specializing in tech and AI innovations. With a passion for staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, she has made it her mission to communicate the future to the world. As a team member of the "The Old Tales" project, her main role is to find exceptional old Armenian folk tales and adapt them to digital version.

Salome Kvirikashvili

Currently works as an analyst at Georgian Court Watch (GCW), dedicated to enhancing public involvement in Georgia's justice reform and upholding judicial independence and accountability. Due to her experience in human rights and non-formal education, she is actively involved in the process of creating and developing the content concept of the fairy tale project.

Written by Olga Dietze