The full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine now lasts more than 19 months and is entering the second winter. The current disconcerting developments in the South Caucasus – the escalation of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict with over 100,000 Armenian refugees will have potentially devastating consequences for the already war-torn region, civil societies and for people living there. It overshadows the funding program MEET UP! Youth for Partnership and impacts the editing of its first online magazine edition. Read more

The Importance of Transnational Youth Participation

Participation gives young people a voice, a possibility to engage and to develop and therefore a chance to create their own future. Participation can have various forms and levels. With the MEET UP! Youth for Partnership program the EVZ Foundation implements its youth participation strategy by involving young people in its activities and decision-making processes. But what is youth participation? How can it be implemented, especially in an international framework and what is successful youth participation actually? Read more 


Remember and Engage

  • In June 2022, the programmes YOUNG PEOPLE remember and MEET UP! Youth for Partnership organized a joint event with an online series of workshops and insightful fireside chats. The participants learned a lot about local history youth work, media literacy, and digital memory formats in youth work. New learning approaches such as gamification and artification were also explained and debated. The fireside chats focused on topics like history politics in post-Soviet and post-Yugoslav spaces, life realities for young people in Georgia and Azerbaijan, as well as the impact of war on youth engagement and civil society in Ukraine.

  • What can we do to develop diversity-conscious, sustainable and social youth places in our cities? What are our visions for the future of our cities? And, how can we communicate our needs to others and find support? 16 participants from Germany and Moldova explored urban spaces via participatory art techniques and urban exploratory tools. The project was organized by the Center for Independent Social Research (CISR eV.), Berlin, and the Training and Development Institute MilleniuM, Chisinau. As an outcome, the participants created instructions for four urban practices that will help you to experience the urban space as a game field.

  • Stories of Armenians and Azerbaijanis living together throughout the period of the past half century is a central topic of a documentary "Nostalgia Trilogy" created by Nane Khachikyan from Armenia and Gulara Azimzada from Azerbaijan. By implementing their "From Storytelling to Peacebuilding" Micro Project, the two young women wanted to share their own stories of coexistence in the countries divided by a long-standing conflict.

PodLabs: Reflecting the Past – Learning for the Future

By bridging the gap between National Socialism and Soviet legacy, the "PodLabs" project addresses this subject through a creative series of podcasts in Germany and Georgia. Young professionals from both countries have been dealing with the past during their visits to Erfurt and Tbilisi this year and shared their perspectives on their national historical backgrounds. Find out more about the project

Collective Memory

PodLabs Episode 1: "Collective Memory"

To tell our stories

MEET UP! Projects

  • Our author, Teodora Mebus, an online and radio journalist, talks about the cultural project between RPTU Kaiserslautern, Lviv Polytechnic National University and NGO “Proryy-Misto”. The conception and implementation of public space and street furniture with the participation of residents, refugees and the city administration were the central goals of this project.

  • The aim of the Eastern Partnership as part of the European Neighbourhood Policy is to support political association and economic cooperation between the European Union and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. How does this system of policies, activities and measures work in reality? Together with Dr. Judith Dellheim, Christopher Forst and Anastasia Pociumban we dive deep into the past, present and future of the Eastern Partnership.

  • Climate change driven social injustice and discrimination of minorities are on the minds of young people today, Fridays for Future is a well-known concept worldwide. What does climate protection and its impacts look like in a country as small as the Republic of Moldova?

Find out more about our MEET UP! program


  1. Launch in Berlin

    In December 2023, EVZ Foundation celebrated the publication of the MEET UP! magazine with over 70 guests in Berlin. Watch here

  2. Old Tales

    For the Micro Project “Old Tales” a group of young creatives from Armenia and Georgia created a digital interactive book, based on old Armenian and Georgian fairy tales.

    Have a look

  3. Tetiana Storozhko

    Tetiana Storozhko is one of the MEET UP! Young Experts. In her academic and political work, she focuses on Roma history and culture in Ukraine. She is the co-founder of the Ukrainian Roma organization called ARCA.

    Read more

  4. Exploring Yiddish Culture

    The project “Round Trip: from Germany to Ukraine and back. Rediscovering Yiddish culture” deals with the history of Yiddish culture and the heritage of Ashkenazi Jewry.

    Learn more about the project

  5. Leyla Jabbarzade

    Leyla Jabbarzade works at Common Sense, a youth organization in Sumgait, Azerbaijan. For two years, she worked closely with organizations from Georgia and Germany for a youth project funded by the EVZ Foundation.

    Read full interview

  6. Human Rights and War

    The German-Belarusian project "Human Rights and Conscientious Objection in Times of War and Crises" shows shocking insights of political persecution by the Belarusian government.

    Read more

  7. Mariia Panchenko

    Mariia Panchenko is one of the MEET UP! Young Experts and played an important role in conceptualizing the MEET UP! Youth Conference “Power of Youth” which took place in Tbilisi, Georgia, in September 2022. 

    Read full interview 

  8. Youth in Moldova

    From his personal perspective, our author and MEET UP! Young Expert Gheorghe Chiriac talks about the youth sector in Moldova. In 2019, he worked as a civil officer at the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova in the Department of Youth Policies. 

    Read more 

Guest Commentary