Natali Tomenko

Back in 2018, Natali Tomenko curated an exhibition about the genocide of the Roma in Ukraine during World War II. Today, she works with her youth organization to address the acute needs of the Roma community during the war in Ukraine and helps evacuate civilians.

What is most important to you at the moment?
Right now, the safety of my closest people: family, Roma community, Ukraine, matters to me the most.


What is your engagement?
Nowadays, I am involved in the media production that concerns an active participation of the Roma community in the War in Ukraine.

When/in what context did you first hear about the EVZ Foundation?
I was working in a framework of EVZ projects since 2018, when my first experience was as the creator of the exhibition about Roma Genocide during the Second World War in Ukraine.

In your opinion which moment of history would deserve more attention in the collective remembrance?
I am concerned that the Roma Genocide during the Second World War and nowadays war in Ukraine are crucial historical points for my community that have to be studied and commemorated with the special attention.

What would you do if the war ended today?
I would go back to Ukraine and meet my family and friends.