Funding program

(Hi)stories in Diversity

Funding program for a critical exploration of (hi)stories in immigrant societies.

In Germany immigration has led to a diverse range of remembrances of historical incidents. There are multitudinous memories of experiences of injustice and systematic violence, of wars and civil wars, dictatorships, expulsions, persecutions and fleeing to escape, genocide, colonialism, resistance and self-assertion.

Particular challenges arise when violence and injustice between groups or peoples lead to conflicts. Such experiences and memories of them can have long-lasting effects, putting a strain on living together in society. Education institutions, educationalists and civil society are therefore called upon to open up to diversity and different perspectives.

The Foundation EVZ funded education and encounter projects addressing controversial or neglected aspects of history. The projects aimed to contribute to a culture of respect and understanding on an equal footing and to allow peaceful cohabitation of different groups in Germany.


Funding of other new projects is unfortunatly not possible, because of ending of the programme.


Oleksandra Bienert

Program Manager

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