Yad Vashem International Book Prize 2020 goes to book supported by EVZ Foundation

Professor Johannes-Dieter Steinert is chosen for his study “Holocaust and Forced Labor. Memories of Jewish Children 1938-1945 ”was honored with this year's Yad Vashem International Book Prize. The jury particularly praised the sensitive and multifaceted presentation of the subject of forced child labor, which has hardly been systematically investigated until now. For the book Steinert evaluated more than 500 autobiographical references. He concludes that around 1 million Jewish children had to do forced labor. The author is Professor of Modern European History and Migration Studies at the University of Wolverhampton in Great Britain. The study was funded by the British Academy, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Gerda Henkel Foundation, the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies and the Foundation EVZ. more

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EVZ Insights: Interview with Dr. Andrea Despot

For six months, Dr. Andrea Despot is in office as CEO of the EVZ Foundation and draws an interim conclusion in an interview and reports on challenges and future plans for the foundation.

The Future Agenda 2024, which is currently being developed with the foundation team, includes a specific work and funding program for the next few years, modernization of funding practice, reorganization within the EVZ Foundation and a stronger public presence - in line with the founding mandate of Foundation endowment. more