Scholarships for Roma in Eastern Europe

In close cooperation with the Roma Education Fund (REF) the Foundation EVZ has been supporting scholarships for Roma students in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova since 2008.

About the program

Until 2019 up to 200 basic scholarships per year have been issued to students for acquiring vocational education, BA, MA or PhD. These scholarships could be used for teaching materials, enrollment fees but also for living expenses. The program was open to students from all fields. So far, over 1900 scholarships have been awarded.
In addition, the Roma Education Fund also covered the costs of internships, micro-projects and foreign language courses. Accompanying measures such as regional groups or the annual conference enabled students and alumni to network with each other.

Current status

After 10 years of joint implementation, the scholarship program will end by 2022. All students who have already begun their studies with a scholarship can complete it. Since the academic year 2019/20, scholarship applications will therefore only be accepted from students who were beneficiaries in the previous academic year and are applying to finish their current level of studies.
An evaluation of the program is currently being conducted. The results of the evaluation are expected in autumn 2020 and will form the basis for the further strategy to support Roma in Eastern Europe.
Further information on the project is available from the Roma Education Fund.


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