The DIALOGUE FORUM programme addresses Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian organisations that work to improve the lives of the elderly in their home countries. We do not focus solely on the neediness of the survivors. Through our support, we want to enhance respect for the life achievements and promote public recognition of the victims of National Socialism. The programme encourages people to use the potentials of local social systems and to establish sustainable on-site institutional structures for the victims of National Socialism. The Foundation EVZ provides EUR 1.2 million each year for this purpose.



Target group

The target group of the funding programme covers people who suffered under National Socialism, including former concentration camp and ghetto inmates and forced labourers, as well as Soviet prisoners of war. Participation of others from all generations in organising joint activities or volunteer services is also encouraged. Funding goes to organisations in Belarus, Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

Coordination by on-site organisations

The Foundation EVZ has handed over the organisation of the funding programmes to national executing agencies in Belarus, Ukraine and the Russian Federation. These partner organisations are responsible for publicising and managing the programme and for supporting and networking the funded projects. Applicants wishing to join the programme should contact the executing agencies in the respective countries (see right-hand margin). For more information on DIALOGUE FORUM projects and support activities go to the multi-language website

Providing funding since 2009

Since 2009 the Foundation EVZ has approved more than 386 projects with funding totalling altogether over Euro 10 million, including 100 projects in Russia, 122 in Belarus and 160 in Ukraine. Activities of the funded projects include for example discussion groups, hobby groups, intergenerational theatre, joint excursions and other enterprises to support or activate the elderly people. The Foundation generally finances personnel and material costs for terms of one to two years.
For more information on current invitations to apply for funding please go to the websites of the programme executing organisations or to the programme website The Foundation also funds the commitment of civil society executing organisations to the survivors of National Socialist persecution in its other two humanitarian funding programmes “Partnerships for victims of National Socialism” and “Donations for the victims of National Socialism”.

Programme support

As well as supporting individual model projects, the Foundation also funds comprehensive support activities in order to anchor the programme in the respective countries and provide long-term assistance to the target group. An academic support project implemented from 2008 to 2012 examined the extent to which intergenerational projects impact positively on the physical and psychological well-being of the elderly project participants. An international team of consultants supports the programme executing organisations in implementing the programme and networking the projects. Experts from the national juries advise the Board of Directors on selecting the projects. In Ukraine an honorary programme advisory board proposes ways in which the programme objectives can be anchored more strongly in collective social policy. The multi-language website provides transnational information about projects and support activities.

Project funding

Please find all information about implementation and deadlines on the website or on the websites of the national executing agencies in Belarus, Ukraine and the Russian Federation (s. below).


International Public Organization "Understanding":



Turbota pro Litnih v Ukraini:



„Charities Aid Foundation“ (CAF Russia)





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