Coalition Building


Liberal democratic values and social cohesion are increasingly under threat in many European countries. Antisemitism, antigypsyism and racism are much in evidence. The Foundation EVZ aims to support the establishment of coalitions for a society based on solidarity. We provide funding for organisations that do not look the other way, but which join together with others when hate against Jews, Roma, Sinti or other groups becomes visible. With their projects, these organisations demonstrate active commitment to diversity in society and are helping bring about conditions that enable people wherever they are to live together in security and mutual respect. 2019/ 2020 seven coalitions in the Czech Republic, in Lithuania, and Poland will be supported. 





Projects Funded in 2019/20

Nationality, Ethnicity, and Coalition Building

Coalition Building in Poland: Active participants from the Jewish, Roma and Ukrainian Community are trained together in workshops and plan local activities with a closing conference and publication.


Empowering the Role of Cross-Cultural Assistants

Coalition Building to support the participation of children from marginalised groups (the Roma Community and others) and their parents in education at six locations in Poland, incl. creation of a web portal, a video film and a brochure.


"Don't hate. Inspire!" - Inter-ethnic Solidarity Campaign

Joint local photo and media campaign with accompanying program in Poland.


Collective Power to Incite Change

Coalition of different Groups and Individuals, against Antisemitism and to Empower Jewish Groups in Lodz with Mentoring: Collective Power to incite Change.


Prevent Net Brno

Coalition Building for Dialogue, Solidarity and Diversity - against discrimination and hate by ten organisations at local level in Brno with participation by the Roma Community.


Invisible Power

Coalition building and empowerment organized by Czech women with groups of Romani and migrant women including biographical work, opportunities to share personal stories, a photo ex-hibition, film events, and media Content.


Strengthening Human Rights

Coalition between the Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights, the Jewish and Romani communities, and various NGOs against discrimination and for advocacy: strengthening the human rights coalition in Lithuania

Call for Applications

The deadline to submit project ideas was 13 May 2019.




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