Berlin 10/11/2015

Foundation EVZ Mourns the Death of Dr Martin Salm

The Board of Trustees, the Board of Directors, and the entire team at the Foundation EVZ (Remembrance, Responsibility, Future) mourn the death of Dr Martin Salm. The former chairman of the foundation’s Board of Directors died on Saturday after suffering a grave illness. Salm joined the foundation’s Board of Directors in October 2006, and served as its chairman from July 2007 to March 2015.

“With great understanding and passion, Dr Martin Salm led the Foundation EVZ successfully for eight years. He left an indelible mark on the Foundation EVZ with his special interest in strengthening human rights work out of a sense of historical responsibility and expanding the humanitarian commitment to the aging victims of Nazism. After the end of payments to former forced labourers under the Nazi regime, Salm transformed the Foundation EVZ into an important international donor.  And with his reorganization of the capital investments, he effectively secured the foundation’s funds for the long term and achieved reliable yields. Martin Salm was a visionary chairman of the Board of Directors, who with his enthusiastic, practical approach was always able to win over the team and the Board of Trustees at the Foundation EVZ for his concept of an international foundation.

In late March 2015, he was forced to resign from his position as chairman of the board due to his grave illness. All of us at the foundation will miss Martin Salm, and we will keep his memory alive with deep respect and affection. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends.

Dr Jörg Freiherr Frank von Fürstenwerth, chairman, Board of Trustees, Foundation EVZ.

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