Portfolio strategy and asset classes

Investment strategy

The investment strategy of the EVZ Foundation is based on the broadest possible risk distribution. This is to be achieved by investing in asset classes as diversified as equities, bonds, real estate, and infrastructure. At the same time, this is intended to ensure moderate volatility. The asset Management for the EVZ Foundation basically follows the “steady-hand principle”; as such, strategies and profit targets are geared to the long term. Short-term impacts on investment capital do not have to result in immediate steps to make adjustments; only serious new findings would justify a review of the current investment strategy. Nevertheless, the investment strategy is subject to a thorough review carried out every year. Responsible parties reserve the right at all times to make Adjustments with respect to tactical measures. The investment process is comprehensively documented, meets modern compliance requirements, and is designed in such a way that decisions can be made at any time on the basis of factual knowledge using up-to-date specialist know-how.


The EVZ Foundation’s equity capital is based on a basic stock amount of DM 700 million (EUR 357.9 million), which was reserved for the funding of projects when the Foundation was established. The EVZ Foundation invests its capital on the international financial markets.

Asset classes

The assets of the Foundation, which amounted to about EUR 564,8 million at 31 December 2019, are invested as follows:

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