Facts and figures on funding activities

As at 31.12.2020

Original capital of the FoundationDM 10.1 billion (approx. EUR 5.2 billion)
Foundation total assets in 2020562 million EUR
Income generated in 202012.9 million EUR
Projects supported since the creation of the Foundation in 20005.590 projects with EUR 154.354 million
Project funding amount in 2020280 projects with EUR 9.854 million
A critical examination of history:A critical examination of history:
2,588 projects with EUR 46.77 million114 projects with EUR 3.07 million
Working for human rights:Working for human rights:
1,509 projects with EUR 43.42 Million106 projects with EUR 3.4 million
Commitment to the victims of National Socialism:Commitment to the victims of National Socialism:
1,213 projects with EUR 54,32 Million89 projects with EUR 3,96 million



Information on the payments to former forced labourers 

- concluded at the end of 2006 -

The assets of the Foundation EVZ that were originally to be distributed to the victims of National Socialism amounted to DEM 10.1 billion (approx. EUR 5.2 billion).  


Of this, DEM 5.1 billion (approx. EUR 2.6 billion) was raised through voluntary contributions by approximately 6,500 German companies, many of which did not exist during the National Socialist era. The remaining DEM 5 billion was provided by the German Government.


The major portion of the overall sum, almost DEM 8.7 billion (approx. EUR 4.4 billion) was distributed to surviving forced labourers in the form of individual lump-sum payments. These payments were disbursed by partner organisations in the respective countries.


A total of EUR 358 million was set aside for the work of the grant-giving Foundation. The Foundation’s capital currently amounts to EUR 527,8 million (as at 31 December 2018). This enables us to provide funding of around EUR 8 million each year.


The following table shows the distribution of the payment amounts among the individual partner organisations and the number of beneficiaries.

Partner organisationNumber of beneficiariesPayment amount (EUR)
Belarus; of which
– Belarus
– Estonia


345 million

325 million
21 million

International Organization for Migration (IOM)
90,000386 million
Jewish Claims Conference (JCC)159,0001.149 million
Poland484,000979 million
Russia: of which
– Russia
– Latvia
– Lithuania
426 million
380 million
23 million
18 million
5 million
Czech Republic76,000210 million
Ukraine471,000 867 million
Total1,665,0004.4 billion

The payment amounts were calculated according to three criteria:

  1. the nature of the place of confinement and the detention conditions,
  2. the severity of the forced labour,
  3. whether or not the victims suffered deportation.


Eligible persons

Category A included persons who were exploited as forced labourers in a concentration camp or who were compelled to work in a closed ghetto. They received an amount of EUR 7,670.

Category B included persons who were deported from their home countries to the German Reich or to German occupied territories and then subjected to forced labour under detainment, conditions resembling detention or similar, extremely harsh living conditions. The Law envisaged payments of up to EUR 2,560 for these victims.