The theatre project “Cohn Bucky Levy – Der Verlust” (“Cohn Bucky Levy – The Loss”) depicts the history of the families Cohn, Bucky und Levy. In 1890, the three Cohn sisters opened their small shop at Markt 23 in Altenburg, which was operated a few decades later by Sally Bucky, and then by Albert Levy. “M.&S. Cohn” became one of the largest and most successful department stores in the region. The performances of the play will take place at various original locations in the city, thereby bringing this chapter of Altenburg history back into the popular consciousness in a deep and memorable way. From 1933 onward, these families became victims of National Socialism. Some family members managed to escape in time; others were interned, deported and ultimately murdered in concentration camps. The piece was funded through the programme “Theatre Projects with Testimonies of Victims of National Socialism”.



Time and Location:

Premiere, 20 May 2017, 19:30

Heizhaus Altenburg, Altenburg