“International Youth Debate” is a debating competition for young people from ten Central and East European countries. The competition aims to encourage the exploration of human rights and their historical backgrounds, and to strengthen debating as a medium of political culture and democratic dispute. In order to at the same time promote knowledge of the German language in the participating countries and in bilateral cultural relations, the project is conducted in German. Beginning in April 2017, the country winners will be determined in the ten participating countries. The country finals will be coordinated by the Goethe-Institut Prague, and will take place at the Goethe-Instituts in the respective countries.



Time and Location:


April–June 2017
25.4. Vilnius
26.4. Riga
27.4. Tallinn
12.5. Ljubljana
19.5. St. Petersburg
19.5. Kiew
26.5. Warschau
31.5. Budapest
2.6.  Bratislava
8.6.  Prag