Award Ceremony and Theatre Performance


The school and amateur theatre competition "andersartig gedenken on stage" supports theatre projects addressing the stories of victims of Nazi "euthanasia". Theatre groups from across the country are encouraged to place the fates of victims in the centre of their performances. Following the award ceremony, the winning entry selected by the professional jury will perform. As part of the Nazi racial ideology, over 300,000 children, women and men with mental illness or retardation were systematically murdered. The goal of Nazi population and health policy was to create a genetically healthy "Aryan" race. Despite the high number of victims, only a few thousand names are publicly available, and the stories of even fewer victims are known. The awards ceremony is being organized by the Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband Berlin.



Time and Location

Saturday, 1 Oktober 2016

Die Weiße Rose

Kulturcentrum am Wartburgplatz

Martin-Luther-Straße 77

10825 Berlin