EVZ expanded – laboratory for new funding formats

In order to react promptly to the current challenges facing society and drive the strategic development of the Foundation forward, EVZ expanded is designing new methods and forward-looking funding formats. The term “expanded” stands for a committed and “expanded” team that dares to tackle new issues methodically and topically: the Think-and-Do Tank, consisting of three women, supplements the long-term funding programmes in collaboration with our colleagues in the three fields of activity of the EVZ Foundation.

Study MEMO Germany (Multidimensional Memory Monitor)

Together with the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence at Bielefeld University, the EVZ Foundation is examining remembrance culture in Germany as part of a study. The first round of findings was presented at a press conference in February 2018. The study titled “MEMO Deutschland – Multidimensionaler Erinnerungsmonitor” (MEMO Germany – Multidimensional Memory Monitor), measures how people living in Germany remember the period of National Socialism. The first round of findings was presented at a press conference in February 2018. Based on the study, memories of the Second World War are shaped by family stories. According to one of the findings of a representative survey of more than 1,000 people, the number of helpers in the narratives is just as high as the number of perpetrators. In another finding, respondents claim that there are more victims than perpetrators to be found among their own families – a claim that will require further discussion.
The results of the second study were published in April 2019.

MEMO study 2018 (english version)

MEMO study 2019 (english version)

EVZ Lab for Civil Society

The EVZ Lab was launched in 2018 in cooperation with the Impact Hub Prague. It aims to professionalize new project ideas at the nexus between digital solutions and the EVZ Foundation’s focus areas, thereby making it possible to reach a new target group that is actively involved in society, using innovative methods to achieve the Foundation’s mission. The accelerator program includes coaching, mentoring, and training on target achievement, project management, and nancing. Through hands-on guidance and support, rough ideas are polished over the course of a four-month program into a professionally organized project. Apart from the focus on a specific project, the program is also helping to establish and strengthen a network of dedicated young people.


“Who is responsible for democracy?” trialogue series

Liberal democracies offer their citizens a degree of prosperity unlike any other political system, and yet, people have become increasingly critical of democracy on an operational level. In response to this development, the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform and the EVZ Foundation organized the “Who is responsible for democracy?” series, which aimed to spark open and controversial debate on the role of business in conjunction with politics and organized civil society. Participants in the rst trialogue “Democracy and a market economy: strong only together?” included Robert Habeck, the federal co-chair of Germany’s Green Party BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN.

Further information on the Trialog series can be found here.  


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