EVZ expanded – laboratory for new funding formats

In order to react promptly to the current challenges facing society and drive the strategic development of the Foundation forward, EVZ expanded is designing new methods and forward-looking funding formats. The term “expanded” stands for a committed and “expanded” team that dares to tackle new issues methodically and topically: the Think-and-Do Tank, consisting of three women, supplements the long-term funding programmes in collaboration with our colleagues in the three fields of activity of the EVZ Foundation.

Interactive Biographies of Holocaust Survivors

Anita Lasker-Wallfisch (c) USC Shoah Foundation

Contemporary remembrance thrives when we use a variety of forms of communications. Thus, EVZ Expanded is funding two projects aiming to develop interactive, German-language
biographies of Holocaust survivors: "Dimensions in Testimony" by the Shoah Foundation and "Learning with Digital Testimonies" by Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.
During the first Phase, Holocaust survivors are recorded answering a comprehensive questionnaire about their lives. The recordings are then processed, using innovative technology, so that viewers can ask the survivors questions about their lives before, during, and after the Holocaust. These interactive biographies can be integrated into historical education programs for museums, memorials, schools, and training courses. The "Dimensions in Testimony" project, by the Shoah Foundation, has been screened as part of the permanent collections of several museums in the US, as well as in Nanjing, China.
With these projects, we aim to allow future generations to also benefit from interactions with Holocaust survivors, and we are committed to preserving their testimonies.
For more information about "Dimensions in Testimony" click here , for information on "Learning with Digital Testimonies" click here

EVZ Foundation Award for Jewish-Muslim Solidarity

In recent years, there has been an increase in racist and anti-Semitic tendencies in our society. In order to sustainably combat these discriminatory ideologies, cooperation between Jews and Muslims is an important strategy which allows us to support a positive counter-narrative even in the face of continued polarization and fragmentation in society.


That is why we  introduced the EVZ Foundation Award for Jewish-Muslim Solidarity in collaboration with the Kreuzberg Initiative Against Anti-Semitism (KIgA e.V.).


Individuals, initiatives, and small non-profit organizations working to promote Jewish-Muslim solidarity in Germany or the US could apply. The 5,000 Euro prize has been awarded
in November 2019 in Berlin.

Study MEMO Germany (Multidimensional Memory Monitor)

Together with the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence at Bielefeld University, the EVZ Foundation is examining remembrance culture in Germany as part of a study. The study titled “MEMO Deutschland – Multidimensionaler Erinnerungsmonitor” (MEMO Germany – Multidimensional Memory Monitor), measures how people living in Germany remember the period of National Socialism.

The first round of findings was presented at a press conference in February 2018. The second part of the study, which was published in 2019 showed that addressing the time of National Socialism is an important source of civic courage. People who critically engage with this period of history are also more committed to combating exclusion and discrimination.

MEMO study 2018 (english version)

MEMO study 2019 (english version)


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