Winners of the photo and video competition 2020

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More than 100 photos and videos from 20 years of funding - a big thank you to all participants! The best photos and videos can be found here.

1st PLACE: © Aleksandra Kossowska, project "Assistance, awareness, dignity - volunteer home visits and group activities for lonely elderly people".
The Picture was taken during a one-day holiday summer trip organized for senior participants as part of the above mentioned project. The project has been organized for several years now, this year due to the state of the covid-19 pandemic, it is organized in smaller groups. The photo shows 96-year-old Krzysztof with an Alpaca, which is used as a therapy animal for traumatized and anxious patients. The trip and meeting with Alpacas gave Krzysztof and other participants a lot of fun. It was the first time he saw such an animal with his eyes, he was delighted and grateful.
2nd PLACE: © Mark Chikivchuk, project "InDUSTreal".
Young activists from Melitopol (Ukraine) gained experience in the revitalization of industrial buildings in Germany at German-Ukrainian youth exchanges. The project aims to help young people to become initiators and actors of change at a local level. The photo is a mirror for the hunger for exploration, reincarnation and working on personal and social wellbeing.
2nd PLACE: © Ofa Feldman, sent in by Lucia Bontjer on behalf of “Drama Panorama”. Project: play “67/871” (67 stories from 871 days of blockade).
The angel is a symbol of St. Petersburg. During World War II, the destruction and the associated restoration made this angel a symbol of resistance. Well over a million people were killed during the Leningrad blockade between 1941 and 1944. The memories of it are extremely different in Russia and Germany: The disappearance of crime on the one hand and the stylization of liberation on the other form a rift between the two countries. The play funded by the EVZ is an attempt to overcome this gap. German and Russian actors worked together on the text that Moscow theater maker Elena Gremina created from documentary material.
© Dana Verstak, Ukraine. Project „Talking with Comics“ (continuation of the project "Peace education across borders through new tools"). The Ukrainian NGO "Tolerspace" jointly with German organization "Libereco" created an exhibition “War next door” and educational guidelines on how to teach about war and violence.
Photo motif: It was raining the whole week in Munich but Anna and Valerii (Ukraine), Saskia and Kristina (Germany) were so happy to meet, so they started to dance in the subway.
© Eduardo Cassina, Project "AFTER <ITY", Mariupol, May 2019. The aim of "AFTER <ITY" is to create a working group between different people in shrinking cities and to exchange ideas. Twelve young architects, urban planners, politicians, activists and artists work together on new ideas and strategies for urban growth.
Motif: Workshop session in Mariupol, May 2019. During the workshop, abandoned buildings were visited and strategies for their use were developed.
© Sofia Abrashchova, Deutschland/Ukraine/Tschechien, Project "VOICES - power of love" - an experiment that looks for ways in which we can stay in contact across borders under the current conditions. 15 participants each in Ukraine, Russia and Germany practice having one voice together and sounding together with others.
Motif: As part of the project, there was a trip to the beautiful city of Lüneburg, Germany. The breathtaking backdrop let our creativity run wild and we took off - in the truest sense of the word.
© Kristin Meier, Project "Preserving cultural landscapes together, exchanging ideas with the Carpathian Ecoclub", MEETUP! Program. We were on an alpine pasture and learned how to make cheese. I was very impressed by the life of the shepherds.
© Luminita Mihai Cioaba. The photo "The unknown Holocaust of the Roma" was taken during filming "Romane Iasfa" (The Tears of the Roma), 2005. The film is about the Roma Holocaust in Transnistria in 1942, when Roma were deported from Romania to Trasnistria. It was a tragedy of enormous proportions, to date, there is no precise information on the number of people who suffered and died in the concentration camps. Motif: Elisaveta Maria, who was deported in 1942 and survived.
© Iva Ellrodt. Project "Like/Hate" organised by cojc gGmbH - a Czech-German theatre project for youth about the use of social media.
Motif: "Friendship takes work". Veru from the Czech Republic meets her friend Teresa from Germany after a long time. Maintaining friendships has always been important. In our current situation of restricted contacts, it is probably more important than ever.

Winners of the video competition

1st place: Konstantin Buchholz and Yaroslav Bulavin for WHEELS e.V., "Meiosis" Art project BANG! - Pop Up Interventures

2nd place:
Marcus Welsch, "The chronicler": Willi Waibel and the reconciliation with Ukrainian forced laborers

3rd place:
Robert Schulzmann, "ХАЙМ-HEIM": The search for the identity of a Russian-Jewish contingent refugee

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