Scholarships for Roma in Eastern Europe

The scholarship programme targets Roma in Eastern Europe who are studying in their home countries. The aim of the programme is to help talented and socially committed young Roma to acquire a university education, to become part of an international network of well-educated Roma and to give them the skills needed to represent the interests of Roma in society.

Participants and conditions

Evz Foundation finances up to 200 basic scholarships for Roma from Russia, Ukraine and Moldova who want to study for a masters or doctorate degree. The scholarships are open to students of law, politics, business, administration, social studies, journalism and history. The programme has awarded over 1200 scholarships to date, and it is the only scholarship programme for Roma in Russia and Moldova and the largest in Ukraine. The project executing agency is the Roma Education Fund, which operates the project within the Law and Humanities Program.

The scholarships are worth EUR 1,300 a year and can be used to buy study materials, to pay enrolment fees or to cover living expenses. Furthermore, grants are awarded if enrolment fees are particularly high. Subsidies may also be granted to cover the costs of international internships or language courses. Scholarship recipients are supported by country coordinators and invited to attend annual networking meetings.

Application forms and further information on the project is available from the Roma Education Fund.

Interviews with scholars


Interview Costel Bercus

Interview Costel Bercus

Building a Roma elite who remember the past in the future to interview
Interview Olena Fiudr

Interview Olena Fiudr

Human rights violations against Roma create a need for lawyers in the community to interview
Interview Radu Marian

Interview Radu Marian

Roma have a whole culture of tolerance to interview
Interview Tatiana Timchenkova

Interview Tatiana Timchenkova

I have mixed feelings about Germany to interview

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