Funding Programme

MEET UP! German-Ukrainian youth encounters

The goal of the “MEET UP! German-Ukrainian Youth Encounters” funding programme is to intensify relations to Ukraine and strengthen German and Ukrainian young people in their commitment to basic democratic values and international understanding.

We are convinced that the dialogue and cooperation young people engage in today will play a decisive role in the future of German-Ukrainian relations and the European Union. This is why it is immensely important for us to network civil society stakeholders and promote the ideas and participation of young people.

Funding for German-Ukrainian encounters

You’d like to bring young people from Ukraine and Germany together?
We support projects designed to help young people to bring about change in their environment. How can young people participating in these projects intensify their social involvement locally? How can they help to bring about effective change in their neighbourhoods and societies?
The encounters provide a framework where the participants work together on projects in various areas such as historical-political education, human rights, the environment and other topics that have the potential to inspire young people in Europe and strengthen German-Ukrainian cooperation.

Participants can choose media, musical or other creative forms of project work, such as theatre projects, films or websites, apps and networking gatherings. We want to enable encounters for young people with all sorts of professional and subject area backgrounds, such as young artists, students, athletes and IT specialists.
What can receive funding?
• The programme funds personnel costs, travel expenses, accommodations and meals as well as material expenses for preparing and presenting the results.
• The amount of the grant is based on the number of participants from Germany and Ukraine and on the actions planned. Participants who can contribute their own funds or third-party resources are encouraged to do so, but these are not a condition for receiving a grant.
• Encounters of German-Ukrainian youth groups can take place in Germany and/or in Ukraine. The encounters should be held over a period of at least five days per encounter (arrival and departure dates count as half-days).
Who is eligible to apply for the grant?
Applicants can be a natural person or a legal entity. Only legal entities such as educational institutions, schools, universities, clubs and associations from Germany and Ukraine are eligible to receive grants.
Who can participate in the projects?
Young people and young adults from Germany, Ukraine and Russia who are between the ages of 16 and 35 years old can participate in the projects. At least six and a maximum of 20 participants per country can receive funding.
What cannot be funded?
• Encounters involving only-German participants or only-Ukrainian participants
• Projects that have already begun
• Encounters that do not entail any project work (such as study trips, visit programmes, lecture visits, congresses, aid transport, humanitarian aid, etc.)
German-Ukrainian-Russian projects
MEET UP! is open for trilateral encounters with young people from Russia. In the field of German-Ukrainian-Russian relations, we focus on open-minded encounters, offering an opportunity to maintain the dialogue between the civil societies. Find out more.

Project variety

Travel grants, pitching, events, etc.

MEET UP! awards travel grants, enabling interested people to take a trip to Ukraine or Germany. Our scholarships are aimed primarily at German and Ukrainian civil society stakeholders wanting to initiate new partnerships and joint projects.

We want to respond to developments around us, communicate visions and point out prospects for the future. This is our goal with MEET UP! Project pitching: Selected German-Ukrainian tandems are invited to present their ideas very briefly and attempt to persuade our experts that their idea is the best one – especially for German-Ukrainian relations. The team whose excellent pitch wins the judges will receive our support!

Our MEET UP! events bring people together and give them the chance to exchange ideas, network with each other and be creative. We want to provide a platform for the German-Ukrainian community and intensify the cooperation between the two countries. Find out more in our videos:

#meetup2018 Open Event Kyiv
#meetup2017 Open Event Berlin


Language workshop “l ä та ї l Мовна Майстерня”

Where it’s all about language: young people met in a village on the sunny side of the Carpathians, speaking nothing but German and Ukrainian. They developed bilingual materials and videos for “language animation”, inviting people to learn German or Ukrainian.
The “language bags” filled with a variety of German-Ukrainian language materials can be ordered from us for German-Ukrainian youth encounters. The language workshops were conducted by GfPS e.V.

MEET UP! highlights – an overview

  • 180 projects funded, 6000 participants
  • 75% of the encounters take place in Germany and in Ukraine
  • 30% of the projects take place in rural areas
  • 2 language workshops

Funding for German-Ukrainian culture projects


The aim of the “Culture for Changes” joint funding programme is to strengthen German-Ukrainian cooperation and work together to find answers to the challenges of the modern world. Find out more about the funding programme and call for application 2021 here (in German).


In the first round of the joint funding programme “Culture for Changes”, announced in 2019, 57 applications for funding of German-Ukrainian cultural projects were submitted. In 2020 partnerships were supported that implement their projects digitally.


The “MEET UP! German-Ukrainian Youth Encounters” funding programme is being made possible by a grant from the Federal Foreign Office and the Robert Bosch Foundation in 2019 and 2020.