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Facing Antisemitism and Antigypsyism

Antisemitism and antigypsyism are jeopardising social cohesion in Europe by condoning human rights violations and stirring up hatred. They have a long and disquieting tradition. In the National Socialist era they paved the way for the murder of the European Jews and Roma. Against the backdrop of this history, the Foundation EVZ supports the systematic and long-term examination of discrimination, marginalisation and hatred practised against Roma and Jews in Europe.

The Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ) called in the countries Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine for producing recommendations for action in the fight against antisemitism and antigypsyism. Systematic inventory of antisemitic and antigypsyist phenomena, counter strategies and civil society actors were part of the project.
Deadline for applications was on 15 July 2016.

Funded Projects


The Perspectives conference on anti-Semitism provides a forum for sharing findings and experience gained in education and the academic world. The conference is for academics, educators, professionals in community social work, mediation and counselling as well as for the parties responsible for education. more (german)

International Expert Meeting of Educators and Educational Policy Makers on Teaching about Anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination in Europe aiming at developing teaching tools

The meeting focused on the opportunities that online learning offers in teaching about prejudice and discrimination. Modules on the themes of identity, diversity and discrimination, and on historical biographies were presented. more

NGO Forum in Berlin 2014: Enabling civil society's input into the High-Level Event to mark the 10th Anniversary of the OSCE's 2004 Berlin Conference on Anti-Semitism

In 2004, high-level representatives of OSCE participating States gathered in Berlin to explore challenges related to manifestations of anti-Semitism in the OSCE region at a conference hosted by the German Government. more

Competition for activists from Humanity in Action for projects that combat anti-Semitism and anti-Ziganism in Europe with an internet academy “From Survey Data to Action”

The 2015 Grants Competition sought to specifically address discrimination against two specific minorities in Europe – Roma and Jews. Humanity in Action wanted these survey findings to lead to action. Many Humanity in Action Senior Fellows live, study and work in these countries and have first-hand knowledge and experience with their societies. 2015 Grant Winners


At the moment we have no call for applications.

Funded Projects

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